When you engage with the design team at modhouse we recommend starting with a consultation with John and ideally a visit to the showhome in sunny Hawkes Bay, what better excuse!

The Design Phase

Your site will have its own peculiarities which will need to be addressed through the design process and with the modhouse plan being “modular”, there is an infinite variety of ways the house can be configured both in terms of the plan layouts and the materiality.

We get very excited working with clients who share a passion for architecture as much as working to get your design right for your site.

Once some of the preliminaries and feasibilities are undertaken (allow 1-2 weeks) and a fee agreement is signed, we would also recommend meeting with your builder to talk about the specifics of the modhouse design, during the initial concept stage.

Note: modhouse are not home builders, but we will work closely with your chosen builder OR we can assist you to tender out the modhouse detailed design drawings to several builders should you wish to get a competitive price. Having already built a modhouse we know the general order of costs but these will differ due to a site’s location, as regional pricing differs as do the actual site conditions (e.g. remote location, site size and access, flat site/steep site, retaining walls, location and availability of services to hook into etc).

Site Specific Engineering Design (SED)

Each new modhouse will require independent structural engineering consultants who will produce design drawings to suit the local conditions of your site, such as very high wind zones, earthquake zones, the ground conditions etc.

modhouse approached the young and talented team at Flux for the structural engineering design for the showhome and we would recommend the owner engage Flux as well, noting this can be done through modhouse for a single point of contact.

Working with Flux, John will then undertake working drawings and specifications for your modhouse and lodge both the architectural and structural design drawings with your local district council in order to obtain the building consent. (This would also form the tender drawings should you wish to procure modhouse using this methodology).

Note: you may require a resource consent pending local planning rules. modhouse will obtain this information in the concept phase and advise the owner as this has both cost and time implications.


Once work has commenced on site, allow 6 months construction time for any competent contractor.

To commence your exciting modhouse journey please CONTACT US with your details. This takes approximately 1 minute and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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